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2018 cold air conditioning market will be what performance

Old cold years to the new cold years. Standing on the beginning of the cold node, I would like to talk about the new cold years, air conditioning market will be what kind of performance?

    Forecast one: market size pressure, growth rate fell slightly

    2017 cold years, air conditioning market a successful ending. According to China Yikang push the total data, 2017 cold years, air-conditioning market retail sales and retail sales scale reached 54.93 million units and 18.75 billion yuan, respectively, year on year were 27.6% and 33.2%. However, due to the performance of 2017 cold years, real estate sales growth slowdown next year to bring air-conditioning sales of bad, in 2018 cold years, air-conditioning market size will be under pressure, is expected to decline slightly;

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   Forecast 2: the proportion of high-end market expansion, product selling point after another

    2017 cold year, the average price of air conditioning market rose sharply, the proportion of high-end market continues to expand. The main reason for the three: one for the raw material prices in the end the end of product prices; two for the product structure to enhance the overall price rise; third for the consumer upgrade, consumers are willing to pay for the product. At present, the three factors will still affect the 2018 cold market, so the new cold market, the proportion of high-end market will continue to expand. And the major brands in order to compete for the growing high-end market, but also put a lot of new selling point of the product, which, mainly from the clean, comfortable concept of air conditioning is expected to be a good performance in the new cold years.

    Forecast 3: online growth will fall sharply, two-line strategy to further improve

    In 2017 cold years, the online air conditioning market has made significant growth. According to Zhongyikang push the total data, 2017 cold line air conditioning market retail sales and retail sales scale reached 16.46 million units and 45.6 billion yuan, respectively, an increase of 93.6% and 117.7%. As the online market volume is larger, the share of the share has been higher, although the new cold line on the air conditioning will grow, but because the volume is too large, the electricity business dividend period disappeared, the online market in the development to a certain extent Growth rate down (for example, color TV category, online share of the overall market share of 35% -40%, online growth rate decreased significantly) and other reasons, which can be predicted, in the new cold air conditioning line market growth Will fall sharply. And because the line, the line in the early collaboration in the exposed a lot of problems, many brands began to intentionally balanced two-lane strategy is expected in the new cold years, online and offline with the same model, with the price, online and offline traffic to open up and so on May be the focus of the brand.

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