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self-cleaning portable air conditioner: interactive and real machine demonstration by 21%

Since 2016, portable air conditioner industry sales continued to decline. According to the weekly data released by the PRC, the portable air conditioner industry as a whole to achieve -8.6%. And from the United States, Suning and other home appliance chain channels, another set of data show that as of April 25, Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner sales growth of 21%, as the industry contrarian growth highlights.

Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner contrarian growth thanks to early interaction and store four “1” demonstration. Last August, Haier R & D personnel after 340 days, the interaction of 33 kinds of programs, through 517 different geographical test, the final launch of self-cleaning portable air conditioner. More importantly, in the terminal stores, Haier has also demonstrated through the real machine with the user close interaction. The so-called 4 “1” demonstration refers to the self-cleaning portable air conditioner sales process, Haier sales staff innovative product presentation: a cup, an A4 paper, a coin and a real machine demonstration of self-cleaning process.

12 volt portable air conditioner

Specifically, Haier uses a cup of self-cleaning portable air conditioner as low as 17 decibels mute experience, the use of an A4 paper self-cleaning portable air conditioner products guide plate gap is only 0.1mm refinement experience, the use of a coin demo from Clean portable air conditioner compressor running without vibration, a real machine self-cleaning frost defrost the whole process. Haier portable air conditioner sales staff with the words, is to build a real self-cleaning portable air conditioner in the store user experience environment.

Because of this and the widespread use of prototype hawking, boot air supply of the traditional approach is different, seeing the experience is so that consumers are willing to buy self-cleaning products. In Jinan, Qingdao, Tangshan and other places, consumers read the actual demonstration on the spot under the single-user self-cleaning portable air conditioner story too numerous to mention, and even Changsha brothers once bought 14 self-cleaning portable air conditioner phenomenon. Haier has also harvested a good market performance alone: ​​Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner sales increased by 21%, including Tangshan, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Qingdao and other cities share of sales are occupied first, to achieve self-cleaning portable air conditioner inverse Potential growth, which is the current portable air conditioner sales decline in market conditions in stark contrast.

In the industry view, Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner on-site presentation is an innovative, bold and user interaction. Live demonstrations like Haier portable air conditioner gives the user a magnifying glass, allowing users to close to the product, intuitive experience products. This is behind the Haier portable air conditioner on their own quality and create a user experience of self-confidence, but also its user logic in the mode of innovation. Disguised with the industry to sell inventories of old portable air conditioner completely different ideas, Haier portable air conditioner to go around a user needs innovation, with a seemingly simple product experience, but for the user to bring real value.

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