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the self-cleaning portable air conditioner overcomes health problems for centuries

September 4, 2015 in Berlin, Germany at the Consumer Electronics Show (IFA), the www.portableairconditionerac.com overseas businessmen debut self-cleaning portable air conditioner. Because with self-health capabilities that enable self-cleaning portable air conditioner in cooling and heating mode, the portable air conditioner is known as the end of the era dirty portable air conditioner products.

According to the site staff on the fair, this new generation of self-cleaning portable air conditioner Emperor Series products, as the industry’s first circular portable air conditioner, Air conditioner fad led the round, which are aimed at each iteration and user interaction of prominent pain point. Consumers reflect, the portable air conditioner heat exchanger fin tightly packed adsorption difficult to clean dirt, please wash professionals will bring additional costs, this pain point for it developed a patented self-cleaning technology and its application in a new generation of Emperor Series air-conditioned, fresh portable air conditioner on platinum.

On the exhibition site, many visitors were attracted round by the Emperor Series portable air conditioner featuring with conditioned considerable scientific and technological aesthetic appearance , stop onlookers, and how it themselves “bath” curious questions. Staff explained, its unique patented cold expansion technology, allowing condensate freeze heat exchanger under frosting, generating an expansion force 960kg,cm2 per gram of water freezes, strong peeling dirt on the heat exchanger, and, with a large amount of water, rinse fast, antibacterial and other properties, to curb the growth of bacteria inside the air conditioner. Visitors hear said that this portable air conditioner is amazing, even be able to wash themselves clean, did not have to worry about dirty air conditioning problem.

Apart from healthy function, Emperor Series air-conditioned “empty net one” is also a bright spot, and it’s first round Air conditioner air purifier combo technology, air purification capacity of the professional level of purification, purification when not in the open air It can also work independently. Not only clean the air but also self-cleaning Emperor series air-conditioned so that consumers no longer have to worry about the heat caused by dirty indoor air secondary pollution problems purified air,

10000 btu portable air conditioner

It is understood that the emperor can be self-cleaning portable air conditioner just one of the products from a healthy family home appliances, in addition, to a net wash water from the water heater, can be self-cleaning no-clean washing machine, self-purification of the core can be deep cavity smoke machines and other home appliances , can exist independently resolve its own machine safety, health, cleanliness and other issues, is controlled by the past passive to active human services, is the real consumer demand as the core research and development of products.

In the national “Internet +” strategy background, networking, smart home concept increasingly hot, white as the world’s first brand, following a national strategy for the user to create a smart home, by varying the electrical network is constantly promote products wisdom upgrade, and build an open ecosystem wisdom, and continuously meet the user experience the whole process of the best wisdom.

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